Thursday, March 23, 2006

Green Peugeot 306

green Peugeot 306
Whenever I tell people about the car I used to drive, a green Peugeot 306, I want to show them a photo of one so that they'd know what it looked like. But I could never find any good ones. So when I was at Jessy and Ben's today, looking out of the window onto the street, I saw this green Peugeot 306, and I took this photo. And I'm using the term green Peugeot 306 a lot here, so that maybe in the future, when someone is googling for images of a green Peugeot 306, they'll actually get a decent result. This one, a photo of a green Peugeot 306.

Oh, if you have a blog and nothing better to do, link to this post using a text like "A photo of a green Peugeot 306!".

You can use the following HTML:
<a href="">A photo of a green Peugeot 306!</a>

Google will like that.

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