Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trier Daily Photo

I finally seem to have kicked the photographer's block and started taking photos that I actually like again, so the next logical step was to re-open Trier Daily Photo (feed) for business.

So last night, around 22:15, I headed outside to catch some of those artificial light reflected on wet surfaces shots that I like so much, and I thought the Kaiserthermen would be a good place to start.

benchBut actually I started on the way there, when I noticed this bench and the wonderful way the lights from the street cast shadows on the path I was standing on. I took the photo on a relatively small tripod (maybe 40 cm / 16 inches above ground), which is a good compromise between the ways I usually shoot (either using my bike's seat as stand or directly from the ground using a mini-tripod). I like to be near the ground in photos, but I don't want it to dominate the picture. With the bench-photo, I considered cropping most of the ground to move the bench away from the (geometrical) center of the image and have the trees featured more, but I decided against it because I really like the way the ground looks in contrast to the background.

I did, eventually, get to the Kaiserthermen. But that's a story for another time - and another photo...

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